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Triban 100 rc

Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. January edited March in Road buying advice. Hi, Firstly a little about myself. But I moved to France for just under the year. Couldn't bring over any of my bikes high import duty and other issues.

I thought I could last one year without a bike. The Triban stood out because it was: i Cheap, ii Had 32mm tires I wanted to try single track riding and iii was available from Decathlon near by. But was it any good?

Triban RC 100 Road Bike

I had a real hard time trying to find solid review. There were several in French but they seemed fluff pieces but raised serious issues such as chain derailing chain-skip when not pedaling down-hill! Sure the parts are cheap but I was constantly amazed by the build quality.

FrameSet This is exactly the same frameset as the Triban and SE weighting grams but with a steel fork that weights grams. It's hard to know if there is any frame flex no FD to test for chain rub but it seems to go if you put the foot down. I'm 5'11 and bought the size 56 and it fits very well. The tall head tube means you'll only get about inches of saddle to bar drop.

One down side is that it only comes with one set of brazeons i. Wheels and Brakes Astoningshly the wheels were perfectly true. This allowed me to adjust the Tektro brakes a mere mm off the rim and provide pretty good braking with the standard pads. The cones were on too tight but I loosened them and the wheels roll quite nicely.

The front wheel comes in at grams the rear wheel at grams remember its a freewheel. The tires are beasts. Each weights a whooping grams! But they are engineered to stand serious stuff so you don't have to baby them.

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I felt comfortable riding the bike in the wet, on mud and it handles gravel nicely. Drive Train It's basic but perfectly engineered.Made for We've designed this bike specially for and with beginners: reassuring tyres, simple speed changes, and straight handlebars! Discover the ideal bike for starting out: with only one chainring, you'll never end up in the wrong gear! Great comfort thanks to the 32mm tyres, allowing you to take on any road or trail with gusto!

Product Video. Size guide. Sorry, this product is no longer available online. Cycling comfort Comfort geometry for a more upright position, x 32 tyres. Ease of use Single-chainring drivetrain and curved handlebars with speed control shifter. Efficiency aluminium frame. Comfort road geometry. Lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty on: frame, stem, handlebars and fork. Details on btwin.

Sport practices. Comfort-oriented frame geometry with a higher steering socket and a shorter top tube that offers a more upright position than a classic road frame. Frame weight, size M: g. Straight steel fork for greater comfort and precision. Speed changes using 7-speed Shimano A indexed shifter on the handlebar. Ergonomic and very comfortable: change speeds without letting go of the top part of the handlebar. This ergonomically-shaped lever fits the palm of your hand perfectly.

Single chainring is easier to use and reduces weight significantly: 44 teeth. Cranks: mm. Cassette: Microshift 12 x The B'Twin Triban costs less than a lot of the shoes we test here on road. It's a decent riding, comfortable, smooth handling bike that is great for those who are just dipping their toe into the water, or as something to get you across town, or even gentle rides into the country with the kids.

It'll do it all. I've ridden a few B'Twin aluminium alloy frames over the years and I've always been impressed with their ride quality, and it's no different here with the Triban Its box section down tube and triangular seatstays give the impression that you are going to be in for a firm ride, but while it doesn't quite have the refinement and smoothness of those in the Ultra rangeit is still far from harsh.

The 32mm tyres take a little bit of the sting out, admittedly, but it is actually a very pleasant place to be. You've got quite a short top tube and a tall head tube which gives a relaxed position. It takes quite a bit of weight off your wrists and places less stress on your lower back, making it ideal if you are new to the sport, giving your body time to adapt. It also gives you a higher viewpoint in traffic should you use the Triban for commuting. Our test model came with plenty of steerer length and spacers so, if needed, you could get a near-level saddle to bar height.

With its weight of It accelerates reasonably well and climbs okay too, especially if you put the power down while sitting in the saddle rather than standing up and trying to wring every last little bit of performance out of it. Most of the weight is in that full steel fork and the wheels, so you'll notice this mostly when trying to lift the front end over kerbs or bumps. When it comes to the head and seat angles they are reasonably slack at The handling is pretty neutral, and this combined with the 1,mm wheelbase means the Triban offers plenty of stability through the bends and when descending.

It'll give any rider the confidence they need to take things possibly a little quicker next time. The tyres are semi slick with a bit of knobbly tread on the sidewalls so are ideal for hardpacked towpaths and bridleways. The B'Twin's mild manners also make it easy and fun to ride on this type of terrain. It all adds up to a good all-rounder that you can use for a multitude of different riding situations without having to change parts over.

The Triban 's frame is made from T6 aluminium alloy and while the welds may not be the prettiest you'll ever see it's not bad for the money. There are some hydroformed tubes, where you use a mandrel and high pressure fluid to shape the finished product like the oval top tube wider than it is tallwhich is thicker at the head tube end for more stiffness and reduces in size towards the seat tube for a little more flex.

It accepts threaded bearing cups too. The silver paintjob is very robust, I wouldn't expect to see any marks and scuffs appearing easily from being locked to bike racks or street furniture. The logos, though, are a different matter as they are literally just stickers and scratch easily.

It's good to see a set of bottle mounts plus points for full mudguards and a rear rack, ideal for year-round commuting. The fork, as I said, is weighty but it is plenty stiff enough for the type of riding the Triban is likely to see.Bicycles Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who build and repair bicycles, people who train cycling, or commute on bicycles. It only takes a minute to sign up. I hope you're all safe.

triban 100 rc

I'm looking to upgrade my Triban rc It includes Shimano Touney groupset and Microshift x7 cassette. Currently, the groupset that attracts me the most is the Shimano Tiagra 2 or 3x10 and a compatible back wheel. However, I'm want to ensure that I can mount this groupset on my bike. Therefore, I would like to know if this groupset would be compatible with my bike frame.

Could someone please help in discovering this, as well as other considerations I have to take into account before upgrading? Swapping out a groupset on a rim brake road bike is pretty straightforward as most components can simple be replaced. You correctly identified that you may need to replace the rear wheel. This is because you either have a 7 speed freewheel type hub or a freehub tyoe with a narrower 7 speed freehub body.

The RC page does not specify what hub is used. Thee RC does not have a front derailleur, so the frame may lack mounting points for front derailleur cables and routing through the bottom bracket area.

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A clamp-on style derailleur mount will be necessary of course. You'll need to replace the bottom bracket along wth the crank. It's very likely the crank is a three-piece with square table axle. You could find a double or triple crank that probably Claris or Sora that is square taper, but the axle length would probably be incorrect for the different cranks.

Rim brake groupsets are relatively cheap these days, but bear in mind that it will still be a significant cost compared to the original proce of the bike, especially of you have to replace the rear wheel.

Another option to consider is a new Claris or Sora equipped bike, so you get an upgrade of all the components.

A Proper Review of the B'Twin Triban 100!

It should be quite possible. Even the rear wheel hub might work as is if it really is a cassette most likely CS-H and not a freewheel. You will also need a new bottom bracket with the new chainset.

You may decide whether to keep the brakes or not, it is possible. Overall it will not be cheap and you will have a cheap frame with a good groupset and potentially cheap wheels. It is up to each individual to decide whther it is worth the investment. Cheaper groupsets, like Sora and Claris are also decent, but have less speeds. Again, up to everyone's individual decision. The no-longer needed components can be sold, but will not be worth that much.

I would suggest to think twice about the 3x cranks. They are not very popular today, because modern modern gearings allow wide range of gears with 2x cranks. The difference between those two chainrings is now most often 16 and that is more than it traditionally used to be. With 10x speeds in the rear the spacing still should be good enough even though modern rear derailleurs allow cassettes with a wider gear range.

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B’Twin Triban 100 Road Bike

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triban 100 rc

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triban 100 rc

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triban 100 rc

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